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Denso Packaging India Started wheels in Motion in 1993. Backed by precise engineering, advance technology and timely delivery schedule, we are a leading manufacturer and exporter of Multilayer Cast Stretch wrapping Film , Cling film, Masking Film and other specialty Co-ex Films. We Manufacture on the most advanced State-of-the-art Multilayer Cast Film Line . We provides film for a wide range of applications ranging from food packaging to demanding industrial applications. Whatever be your requirements we have solutions Backed by a pool qualified engineers and equipped with latest and sophisticated machines. We are capable of providing international standard products to our customer. In addition to supply of only premium quality materials the company also provides complete back up design and development. These and several other innovations have constantly given our customers the winning and competitive edge in the market place. Denso packaging (India) Pvt Ltd is today one of the selected few organizations doing meaningful development work to find the correct solutions for packaging Indian products for Indian environment. We are constantly working towards developing lower cost value added options to give our customers the competitive edge in the market. TRUST DENSO PACKAGING FOR STRENGTH,RELIABILITY AND DURABILITY The possibilities are endless and benefits numerous. Just give us your problems and we will WRAP Your profits.